About Only Translations

An expert and available legal translation provider

About me

As a former jurist in business law, I decided to combine legal expertise and rigor with a passion for languages in an international context.

And Only Translation

This is the context in which Only Translations was founded in 2016. Since then, I have been working with a large number of business professionals, law firms and domiciliation companies, taking care of their translations.

I also offer certified translation services.

Why should you use my services?

Using my legal translation services will not only allow you to entrust your documents with full peace of mind, but also to benefit from other valuable advantages


An immediate understanding

of your documents and the differences between legal systems (common law concepts)

A real commitment

in the quality of the translation, thanks to a sworn translator, rigorous and expert in her field

Collaborative work

I offer to work hand in hand with your teams, my legal background allows me to identify the potential difficulties and to ask the right questions on complex subjects;

A reactive service

and a real availability, I commit myself to provide you with an estimate within 24 hours and assure you of the respect of the deadlines which will have been agreed;

A translator who trains regularly

A translator who regularly trains to provide the best possible support to her clients and to remain in line with the needs of the market (corporate secretary training (Institut Luxembourgeois d’Administration), common law: English legal system, contract law and civil liability, RGPD – CNIL workshop, IMBA)

Effective and recognised expertise.

  • Sworn translator before the Superior Court of Justice of Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • Member of the Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • Member of the Société Française des traducteurs.