Certified translation of your documents

A dedicated department of Only Translations

A dedicated department of Only Translations offers to assist you with your certified translation projects

As a sworn translator before the Superior Court of Justice of Luxembourg in the French-English languages, I am specialised in the certified translation of documents. By affixing my stamp and signature, I certify that the document has been faithfully translated in its entirety. The translation thus certified is recognised as an official translation by the Luxembourg administrations and authorities.
Only highly experienced and trained translators are entitled to swear oaths before the courts, and thus be able to offer certified translations. Certification of a translation is therefore more than just a formality: it is a guarantee of quality.

We offer to assist you in the translation of the following documents (non-exhaustive list):

Civil status documents

Notarial deeds


Diplomas and certificates

Administrative documents

Your projects are not included in this list, please do not hesitate to contct us to discuss further.