Clients & Values

We provide services that are designed to meet the needs of our clients.

1. Dedicated services for demanding clients in a relationship of mutual trust

Only Translations, through its human dimension, has chosen to position itself as a high quality and dedicated company, favouring a relationship of trust and careful listening to the expectations and needs of its clients.

Each translation project is a unique experience and must be treated as such.

We have the opportunity to work with legal professionals on a daily basis: law firms, notaries, international companies, fiduciary companies, whose technical and rigorous texts require reliability, excellence and expertise.

2. We also assist individuals and associations

Always with a focus on adaptability, we assist private individuals and associations who sometimes have to deal with specific requests in the context of their administrative or other procedures, and who requires the services of reliable and certified translations.

Our values

Our values are aligned with and focused on the expectations and needs of our clients, our goal: client satisfaction.


We take special care to maintain a privileged dialogue with our clients in order to meet their expectations in a responsive and efficient manner, taking into account the specificities identified for each translation project.

Relationships are based on exchange and communication through the use of new technologies. Only Translations, with its human size, has chosen to position itself as a highly qualitative and dedicated company, favouring a relationship based on trust and attentive listening to its clients’ needs.

Excellence and expertise

Thanks to our cross-disciplinary background and strict adherence to ethical rules, we guarantee our clients meticulous follow-up of the translations entrusted to us.

Technical expertise, specialist knowledge and customer relations are essential to the success of each project.
Each translation is a unique experience and should be treated as such.

Trust and reliability

We seek to create a relationship of trust with our clients, enabling the establishment of a true partnership that guarantees a tailor-made service.

Our verbal and written communications are covered by the principle of confidentiality.

Pro bono

Pro bono means devoting part of one’s time to intervene in cases free of charge or for a small fee, in favour of disadvantaged people or associations pursuing public interest objectives.

Each year, we invest in pro bono projects and adapt our offers for certain innovative companies in the creation phase and integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values.