Legal translation

Translation by a sworn translator

Legal translation

Only Translations offers to apply its legal knowledge to your translation projects

Legal translation remains a challenging process. As a former jurist in international law firms and companies, I am well aware that in this particular field, the words used can have a major impact on the understanding and exchange with your interlocutors. A poor quality or approximate translation can lead to misunderstandings or even unnecessary risks. This is why we offer you quality translations.
We will assist you with the translation of the following documents (non-exhaustive list):

Articles of incorporation

Shareholders' agreement

Translation of minutes of extraordinary general meetings

Privacy policy

Excerpts from the trade and companies' register (FR to EN)

Common draft terms of merger (simplified and cross-border) and demerger and related annexes

Various contracts (share transfers agreements , subscription agreement, loan agreement; employment contract, general sales conditions, etc.)

Certified powers of attorney

Company liquidations

Your projects are not included in this list, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.